“Wes has four key attributes that made him an exceptional addition to our corporate communications team. He is very intelligent and can gather, process and organize disparate information from multiple sources. He is interpersonally competent and is able to successfully interview people easily. He is organized, focused and always delivers on expectations. Finally, he is ethical, caring and viewed as a key colleague within and between teams. I highly recommend him.” — Richard Simpson Ph.D., Senior Vice President/Chief Academic Officer, Corinthian Colleges Inc.


“Wes comes armed with an excellent education, keen intellect, good record and strong character. In addition: He’s a nice guy.”
— Bob Burdick, retired executive editor, Los Angeles Daily News


“Wes is someone I’d want on my team in any organization. Over the past two years working together, I’ve come to admire and appreciate his writing and communications skills, his quick responsiveness, and his unfailing professionalism. He is also a gem of a guy, and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
— Andrew Ainsworth, Corporate Counsel, Corinthian Colleges, Inc.


“Wes is one of the most intellectual, thoughtful and passionate writers and editors I have had the opportunity to work with. Coming from a journalism background myself, I’ve worked with many communications professionals and Wes is among the best. His education and experience was a nice addition to our communications team. He is highly creative and meticulous, which helped improve the output of our internal publications. He would be a great addition to any organization.”
— Camille Ortiz, Advertising Director, Corinthian Colleges Inc.


“Wes is one of the most conscientious, hard-working media professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Wes reported to me as he developed and deployed a first-of-its-kind survey tool, whose results added valuable content to a Big Think educational product. Wes was quick to master the technology tools necessary for the job, add richness and depth to the survey, and he never failed to get the job done on time. Wes truly stands out as a reliable hard-worker with deep professional experience in both media and social media. I highly recommend him.”
— Andrea Useem, former director at BigThink.com; former editor, The Washington Post


“Wes Hanson … demonstrated a level of intelligence, dedication, integrity, and excellence that made him one of the most valuable and important employees in the Josephson Institute’s history. … Wes also played a key role on the Institute’s management team and contributed significantly to our continuous growth over the years. Wes craves new challenges and is quick to master new skills. He is creative and doggedly diligent. He is also as fine a man as I’ve worked with.”
— Michael Josephson, founder, Josephson Institute of Ethics and Character Counts!


“Wes is a natural leader and a born teacher — generous with his support, and a master at mentoring those in his charge. He is a brilliant guy who manages to make everyone around him smarter and more successful… One might wonder if such a highly accomplished brainiac would be an insufferable know-it-all, but Wes has a terrific sense of humor, a decent and modest manner and not a hint of pretense. He is truly a pleasure to work with, and it’s always very rewarding to see the results.”
— Steve Nish, senior editor and webmaster, Josephson Institute of Ethics


“Wes is a very talented communications professional. He is highly educated, experienced and capable of administering arguably almost any editorial or communications management position.”
— James J. Balla, executive vice president and COO, Pacific Clinics


“You will not find a better, brighter, or more reliable editor, writer, and communications professional than Wes Hanson. … [He] was well regarded for doggedly sticking with projects until completion and for exceeding expectations. On his own initiative, he greatly improved… newsletters, magazines, training and educational materials, and marketing collateral. He was completely reliable and trustworthy. I can’t enough good things about him.”
— Rosa R. Maulini, CFO and director of administration, International SeaKeepers Society


“Wes Hanson … is a delightful writer, a highly intelligent editor, and a true professional, and he would enhance almost any organization.… In late 2010 I contracted with Wes to research several chapters of a ghosted book on technology. This work had a very tight timeline and Wes labored under much pressure. Yet he conveyed his findings in smart ways that isolated their gist and saved me much time. He also wrote drafts of several chapters, and they were sparkling. Wes is a bright, witty writer, able to bring eureka-moment clarity to the complex and buoyancy to the technical.… Wes was indefatigable … pursuing [research] with a resourcefulness that far exceeded my expectations. … These efforts were an immense help to me and partly because of them, Penguin has offered a very large advance for this book.… Wes has great integrity. He is gracious, generous, honest, and highly conscientious, and people know they can rely on him. … His personal standards are simply above most other people’s, and he adheres to them.”
— Dan McNeill, award-winning, best-selling author and principal, Cue Communications


“Wes is an outstanding guru – strong, effective and persuasive writing skills, tight and right to the point information and a blend of cutting edge technology + marcomm that make him frankly, the best marketing guy I have ever had the pleasure to work with in any industry.”
— Craig Weiss, leading e-learning consultant and expert, founder, elearn247.com; former corporate director, Pacific Clinics Training Institute (PCTI)


“As a former mayor and city councilmember I can appreciate Wes’ thorough research skills and ability to analyze and clearly define the issue at hand. Wes has never been simply a cut-to-the-chase reporter; rather he brings insight, warmth, and an honest curiosity to any subject that results in a rich reward to the reader.”
— Jozelle Smith, former mayor, Culver City, CA


“Wes is a rare combination of talent, energy, loyalty and integrity. He is an extraordinarily fair manager, providing colleagues with opportunities to learn and excel. As something of a renaissance man, he is someone definitely worth getting to know. And as a gifted writer, intuitive manager and unfailingly honest professional, he is someone you can absolutely trust with your most important project, and your company. Wes will work hard, earn the respect of everyone in your organization, and prove his value every day.”
— Charlie Dodge, direct marketing professional, independent writer and editor


“I reported to Wes nearly 15 years ago and I still remember and use the skills he taught me. He is a consummate professional, patient, thorough, intelligent and with a great sense of humor. More recently my husband and I hired Wes on an editing project and I can say he hasn’t changed. He worked tirelessly to stick to our tight deadline, and the result was phenomenal. He produced an excellent piece and we were relieved we had thought to use him. I would give him the highest recommendation and use him again and again.”
— Timmy Nicolaou, software trainer, Scantron


“Wes rewrote my website copy quickly and beautifully. He helped me tell my unique story more effectively in order to introduce my new company. He is very friendly and reliable professional who doesn’t overlook any detail. I am so fortunate to know a man of such talent.”
— Mohammed Boutarbouche, chef and restaurant entrepreneur

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