March 2012

Unless you live in Sao Paulo, which has banned outdoor advertising, you can scarcely avoid commercial promotion. From the bus stop to the urinal to the coffee cup sleeve, images and slogans bid your attention in shouts and whispers, influencing you in myriad ways whether you know it or not. The ubiquitous pitches get inside […]

Taglines are essential to help quickly define and sell transitory events and products – not just products like soap (Ivory: “99 44/100% Pure”). Movies are a good example. Ironically enough, films have always relied on the printed word to convince the public to pay for two hours of visual storytelling. Movie taglines are not essential. […]

Here are some my favorite product taglines, most of which are still in use. Add your own favorites in the comments section! Just the Right Amount of Wrong [Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas] Make. Believe. [Sony] The Uncola [7-Up] You’re in Good Hands [Allstate insurance] Works Like a Dream [Ambien] The Pause That Refreshes [Coca-Cola] A […]

Whether hiring someone to craft your tagline or doing it yourself, keep in mind the qualities of winning examples: Brevity – “Make. Believe.” is Sony’s newest attempt to seduce consumers to discover the magic of its products, from electronic devices to entertainment. Clarity – This one is not an absolute, for mystery has its allure. […]

A tagline is a brand’s trusty sidekick, running alongside it to assist in the battle to be noticed, understood, and remembered in a splintered, cluttered, and cacophonous world. A good tagline explains a brand; a better one inspires; a great one is memorable. For the very best examples, pith, wit, and a sprinkle of copywriting […]