Headline Tip #13: Put Some Meat on It

by Wes Hanson on May 2, 2012

Headlines advertise and organize articles, helping readers decide from a quick scan what they’d like to pursue. Now that the internet and social media have made everyone a potential publisher it’s both unthinkably easier and incredibly harder to find an audience.

Short is delicious, but headlines need to communicate something. There needs to be some meat on that hook. Your headline should succinctly describe your page and tell the reader what to expect by reading more.

If you’re writing about a frankfurter-eating contest, you might write a header like “Men Bite Dogs” or “Where Gluttony Is a Virtue” if you were going for something intriguing. But “Blandsville Devours Frankfurters, Weiners, and Hotdogs at Annual Cholesterol Fest” might be the right choice for something more newsy and searchable.


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