May 2012

Headline Tip #15: Amuse, Don’t Confuse

by Wes Hanson on May 4, 2012

The confused mind says “no.” Depending on your audience, client, and purpose, a dash of wit, a soupcon of wordplay can be just the thing to reel in your readers. Writing them usually involves more creativity and effort – and makes not just the reading more fun but the writing too. But keeping it simple […]

Numbers make a very specific promise of what the reader is going to get in exchange for reading time. Data implies validity: it must be real if there are numbers attached. It is hard to disbelieve numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Only people do that. “Numbers make ideas real,” says Sarah Skerik, PRNewswire’s VP of social […]

Headline Tip #13: Put Some Meat on It

by Wes Hanson on May 2, 2012

Headlines advertise and organize articles, helping readers decide from a quick scan what they’d like to pursue. Now that the internet and social media have made everyone a potential publisher it’s both unthinkably easier and incredibly harder to find an audience. Short is delicious, but headlines need to communicate something. There needs to be some […]

Headline Tip #12: Retweet to Go Forward

by Wes Hanson on May 1, 2012

Social media is not a monologue you broadcast from on high, or even a dialogue. That’s so old media. Social media is conversational, a multi-logue. As in any social setting, what goes around comes around. Therefore don’t neglect to bring attention to other people’s worthy content on Twitter via retweets. “Retweet” is not an Elmer […]