Headline Tip #11: Twitter Invigorates Headlines

by Wes Hanson on April 30, 2012

With its severe space restrictions Twitter is actually a headline enthusiast’s dream, and a throwback to the earliest days of journalism where short headlines ruled. A well-written short headline puts you ahead on a level playing field where everyone (even the establishment pros) has the same constraints and opportunities.

The headline is tailor-made for the link-happy, shorthand world of social media – especially Twitter, which is more of a news source than Facebook. If your headline catches attention on Twitter and spreads, the content attached to the header will score traffic from people who probably never visited your site before.

Headlines can usually can be tweeted in full, well within Twitter’s 140-character limit. For best results, however, keep your headline well under 140 characters (say, 120 characters max). That way you can tweet its entirety, have room to include a link back to your site (using bit.ly or another abbreviation site to shorten the link) PLUS have room left over for your followers to add a word or two of their own comment when they retweet you.

While search engines ignore the “content” of social media blather, social media does generate links back to your content and influences what people read and recommend – all of which power your SEO (search engine optimization). A Twitter feed on your website that displays all your tweets creates additional backlinks to your site, which help optimize your article or post for search.

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